Reiki Renewal Session

For this session you must have taken Reiki in the past, this is only a refresher and will not give you all the information you need to become a Reiki Practitioner or Master. 

Each session is tailored to your specific needs, these sessions are 1 or 2 hours depending on the time you feel you need to get back on track, to embody and process this session. (If you are booking a 2 hour session please make sure to book 2 sessions back to back! )

This is an individual teaching session based on your needs so the order may be different, but here is what you can expect.  

We go through your energy field, balance your chakras and tune you in to your highest frequency. Once energy blocks are removed and palm chakras are open, I will re-initiate your reiki symbols to your level of reiki.

We will discuss all the blocks, and things that I have perceived in your energy body, mind and physical body plus any messages that have come through for you at this time.

Also it may be valuable to you to bring a note book to take notes and have a list of questions ready. A lot of them may already be answered by the first part of the teaching!

The goal of this relearning process to shed some light on the feeling that are bubbling to the surface, feelings of being stuck or blocked, to instill your confidence level in your abilities and to give you what it is you are needing to walk the path that you are choosing at this time! Whether that is your own healing journey or stepping out of your shell to hold space for people on their healing journey!

$80.00 1 hour session

Follow the link to book your in person appointment today! Please put "Reiki Renewal" in the session type box, thank you!