Level 2 attunement opens your connection more deeply, gives you the knowledge and skills to practice reiki on others. Level two is where the ability and understanding come together! Whether you want to start your own practice or just increase your healing knowledge for your own personal journey.

  • Date: 25/05/2024 11:00 AM - 25/05/2024 04:00 PM
  • Location 210-63 Albert St Winnipeg, MB, Canada (Map)



The Second Degree Certification

Level 2 attunement opens your connection to the universal life force energy even further and gives you the skills to practice reiki on others. It opens the connection to your Spirit Team more deeply as well as helps you connect to the information and frequency of the subtle energy levels on a different level. 

You will learn the symbols, hand placements, and techniques to enhance your abilities and focus. You will use these symbols everyday to enhance your daily life, food, energy in the world, earth healing, for distant healing and so much more.

You will learn distant Reiki, and how to do treatments on people anywhere in the world.

Plus hands on practise doing full reiki sessions on others and information on how to create, facilitate and run your own reiki practise if that's a path for you!

Plus as you go through your Reiki journey I am here to support you and help guide you.

*Must have completed level 1