Shamanic Reiki Session

Bringing two powerful ways of healing together in one session to enhance your healing journey. Bringing the energies of the earth, nature, universal energy force in to balance and harmony. You are your best healer, I am only a conduit to help. Bringing Body, Mind and Spirit back into balance is essential to help heal dis-ease in your body and life. 

In my sessions first we call in your Spirit Team and your highest self for your greatest highest good and the greatest highest good of all! We call upon the directional energy with the medicine drum, rattle and other tools to clear and call your power back. Then we go through each chakra to clear out anything that is blocking your optimum energy flow ( if it is healed and ready to go) and restore you to your optimum energetic self! Once we have gone through all your chakras and energy & emotional body I will tell you everything I witnessed in your energy field and all that we balanced, renewed and optimized! Plus any messages that come through for you! You might want to record this information!

It is usually 30 minutes of energy work and 30 mins of talk time! Everyone is a little different, so this is just an estimate.

This is a spiritual healing and I am not a medical doctor. You will still follow all the advice of your medical practitioner, it is to help not to replace.

30 min session $60.00
60 min session $120.00

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